Wang Qizhi  

General manager and chief engineer of cell -- Wang Qizhi  

With the title of senior engineer in the lithium battery engineering category of the International Academicians and Experts Alliance, he has 23 years of experience in battery research and development, manufacturing, and operation management. He has successively served as the technical director, chief engineer, and general manager of three listed companies, including Penghui Energy, Haopeng Technology, and Jiawei Energy.  

 Zheng Honghe

Doctor -- Zheng Honghe

Expert consultant of lithium (sodium) battery and materials of the company, professor and doctoral supervisor of School of Energy of Suzhou University. Many patents and breakthrough scientific research achievements have been made on new key energy storage materials. He has successively served as a researcher in the National Laboratory of Japan and the United States, and has undertaken the completion of major scientific and technological projects such as the BATT international joint key research project of the United States Department of Energy, and the person in charge of four major 863 special sub projects of the Ministry of Science and Technology of the Chinese Natural Science Foundation. More than ten years of research on positive material, negative material, electrolyte and other aspects have led the company to make new breakthroughs in high temperature resistance and long life of batteries.

 Wang Qian

Executive deputy general manager and chief engineer of pack -- Wang Qian

Member of the expert group of Jiangsu Lithium Battery Materials Association, with 18 years of PACK R&D and manufacturing experience, he has been engaged in the research and development of lithium battery materials and systems for a long time in Valence, the United States. In 2015, he successfully developed the liquid cooling system for automotive power batteries, and in 2019, he successfully completed the intelligent unmanned power change system and cloud data platform for electric vehicles. In particular, he has profound technical attainments in battery system safety and thermal management, and has more than 150 invention and utility model patents.

 Han Junfei

Doctor -- Han Junfei

Expert consultant of energy storage and power electronics. He graduated from the Institute of Electrical Engineering of Chinese Academy of Sciences with a doctor's degree. He once served as the deputy director of the Institute of Electrical System of Inner Mongolia Electric Power Corporation, the director of the digital room, the director of the simulation laboratory, and the director of the network security laboratory. He has presided over and participated in 40 national and provincial (district) key scientific and technological projects, 31 invention patents, more than 70 papers, 14 software works, more than 20 national and provincial science and technology progress awards, provincial and ministerial science and technology awards, etc., including new energy grid protection and control, high-power inverter, active distribution network, source network load storage, advanced energy storage integration technology, etc., and has prepared 7 industrial and enterprise technical standards.