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SUZHOU TIMES HUAJING NEW ENERGY CO., LTD. always sticks to the service philosophy of Greenery Service in All Directions, offers professional, effective and close service, form a service brand of Greenery Service and give you a tree shade at any time.











The R&D of lithium-ion battery is an exceedingly sophisticated systematic engineering. Our R&D center has multiple platforms including fundamental materials research, electrochemistry and mechanism research, cell structural parts R&D, products design evaluation & failure analysis, lab-level battery prototyping and scale-up, and comprehensive assessment of cell performance.


From project initiation to mass production to logistical distribution, our cells are regulated by the most stringent set of the design evaluation process, a series of safety and abuse tests, and full-scale rigorous cell performance and durability tests, which guarantees the reliability and stability of Tenpower cells.


The overarching theme of Times Huajing's R&D strategy is to provide our customer with better and safer products. To that end, we've made smart investments in cutting edge equipment and innovative research concepts.


Times Huajing R&D center is armed with high precision material analyzer, automated precision cell production & development facilities and comprehensive reliability & safety testing equipment.

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